You Can’t Judge a Book Without Its Cover

Scurrying around to finalize Brooklyn Wars publication now, so without further ado: Here, at long last, is the cover image I’ve been waiting to unveil for you.

Thanks to illustrator Amy Saidens for the incredible jar label and to photographer David Dyte for deftly capturing live flames on one of the windiest days in Brooklyn memory. All the rest is my fault.

If you visit the Brooklyn Wars website today, you’ll find the new cover image featured prominently, along with a new back cover page summary (thanks, Lori Azim for the kibitzing) and some wonderful blurbs from some of my favorite Brooklynites (thanks, Kelly Anderson, Tom Robbins, Paul Moses, and Amy Nicholson for the kind words). You can also drop by the Second System Press site for another book preview, though there’s not much more to see there.

Once I’ve added couple of final items to the book layout, it’s off to the presses. At which point I should be able to open up the website for preordering, at the very least, while I await a printed proof for final approval.

Speaking of ordering, I’m still planning on getting e-books, at least, to those of you who were Kickstarter funders before the general buying public. (Physical books will depend on the Brooklyn post office, since I have to order them from the publisher, sign them, then mail them out again.) My current planned schedule is:

Early September: Make available to all Kickstarter funders downloadable electronic versions of The Brooklyn Wars in three formats (PDF, ePub, and Kindle).

Mid-September: Open up ordering of both electronic and paperback editions via multiple platforms.

T-shirts, zines, and other tchotchkes will follow as they’re ready. If it means mailing two separate packages to some of you, I’ll mail two packages. You waited this long for the book, you shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

Okay, back to scurrying!