At 9:38 am Eastern time this morning, the Kickstarter for “The Brooklyn Wars” fully funded. (It’s now up to 101% funded, in fact — and there’s another 24 hours left if anyone else still wants to place a preorder, or get a shot at the zine, t-shirt, or other rewards, which will no longer be available by any means after tomorrow.) My heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping make this project a reality, and I promise to give you a book worthy of your faith and your funding.

So what happens now? I stop nagging you about fundraising, obviously, and get down to writing. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll still be posting occasional updates about the state of my research to give you a hint of things to come next spring. Also expect links to any Brooklyn-related articles I write in the interim, plus thoughts on other Brooklyn news of note. As the people making this book happen, the least you deserve is a front-row seat for the process of putting it together.

Right now, I have a whole lot of notebooks and interview files to go through, sources to call, and neighborhoods to visit. Better get cracking — thanks again, and see you in a bit.